An accomplished design leader with passion for crafting experiences.

Kelsey Kimura [kel-see-kim-mir-ruh] n 1: an innovative thinker with creativity to spare 2: a team player who is passionate about his work 3: a dedicated professional who is always looking to learn 4: an individual who enjoys cat videos

Experience Design

I create end-to-end digital experiences and user flows that are seamless, empowering and breathtaking.

Creative Direction

I believe strong design and a compelling visual language enriches and extends the brand.


I am passionate about supporting others. I value growth and encourage teaching over telling.

Design Thinking

I use empathy in leading sprints and workshops to create solutions that address user pain points and problems.

Design Operations

I developed processes, documentation and workflows to help support a collaborative and iterative design environment.


I’m well versed in WCAG 2.1 AA compliance and promote the idea that good design is accessible and inclusive.

Proud to have worked with some of the most incredible local and international businesses.